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Finding A Voice In a New World

I am lucky that a good friend gave me an amazing opportunity. A chance to show my ability to read people, my ability to learn, my ability to work independently and to grow quickly in a world I am about as unfamiliar with as a person could be. Continue reading

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What next? I vote for Empathy and Discussion

Anxiety. I’m struggling with exactly how I feel about this election, but I know one true emotion is anxiety. The weird thing is I have this unhealthy curiosity about how a Trump Presidency would play out. The Liberal in me … Continue reading

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PreK through…???A new “NON system” for Learners, A New Fellowship.

Have you ever had one of those gnawing ideas that sticks with you? You feel passionately that you want to make it a reality, but are struggling to figure out just how? Well this post is about that idea that … Continue reading

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If you do this, then you get…Why we need to stop trying to control our students.

I heard a great piece on the TED Radio hour podcast yesterday about motivation and what truly motivates people.  Daniel Pink described the candle experiment where people were tasked with building a candle holder using a box of tacks, a … Continue reading

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To tech or not to tech….

I have a couple of friends who play craps and love to always bet on black. Definitely something influenced by the great Wesley Snipes. I  prefer to diversify my portfolio. I love technology. My wife would say I love it … Continue reading

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Trust, Mistakes, and Good Schools

Those first two words have to go hand in hand with our school.  What are we calling it anyhow?  Lets think on that.  Is it a system?  I think we should find a new word for it. District, System, Archdiocese, … Continue reading

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Let’s Build a Homey School

Not to be confused with home schooling, or a school for homies(No issue with homies, just clarifying), I am talking about a school that feels like a second home.  The feel of the school is so crucial.  The more of … Continue reading

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