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HR: Crucial for Great Schools

This culture of loving the school is that underlying driving force towards excellence, that carries people through the tough times. Continue reading

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Truths I Believe in…

Acknowledgements: I acknowledge that change is incredibly scary. I recently moved to the east coast, that was incredibly scary for me. I have changed careers and changed the path my career was going down multiple times, every time it is … Continue reading

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ESLR’s: Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

It seems clear to me and most educators that you have to begin any real task with the end result in mind.  What do we want our students be able to do?  What kind of experience do we want them … Continue reading

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Join me

I’m really excited about the new direction I want to take this blog, and I need your help. I want to start building a new kind of school, and I know it is possible, but I also know that I … Continue reading

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