All men’s souls…

All men’s souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine.” -Socrates

I saw this quote tonight.  Things like this always make me wonder if I am living well or not.  I struggle with mortality.  I know all too well how short life can be.  I keep hoping I am living it rightly, worthy of the one chance I have.  I try to love with all my heart, be kind, and do as much good as I can.  But I feel inadequate somehow.  Inadequate in my efforts so far.  I want to do so much, and I am unsure what to do, and where to do it.  I feel I need a mission and someone to help guide me.  


About Chett Garcia

I live in Philadelphia with my wife and son. I connect people and try to constantly grow and improve in everything I do. I am currently on a new path and working to find my voice there!
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1 Response to All men’s souls…

  1. fibra73 says:

    See my newest post, seems I’ve found a mission I deme worthwhile. Join me!

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