Stories to be told

I met a man the other day, he astounded me. He sat quietly amidst a loud sports bar in Murray Hill watching Duke play Michigan State. Let’s call him George. His son sat next to him, the pride in his eyes was evident, and I could tell there was something special about the years that he wore.

I was lucky enough to be sitting at his table. My wife happens to be good friends with George’s son’s girlfriend. We got to talking and it turns out that he spent 43 years in education as a councilor. If I knew nothing else about him, I would already be in awe of a career like that. In addition he coached baseball and softball for 30 years. I mean the stories that could come from experience like that must be unreal. And yet, a simple chance for this man to tell his story and I find out that he played baseball with Hank Aaron, Joe Torre and others. At one point in time, he was battling joe to be the number 1 catcher in all the minors.

George was obviously proud of his his accomplishments, but when he spoke of the connection he had with one of the players he coached I could tell where his real pride lay. Honestly, I’m not sure what impressed me more about George.

It got me thinking that a story like his has to be told, and I found myself wondering about stories of people I see on the street and how cool it’d be to interview and write blogs about everyday people and their lives, Now I’m just trying to figure out what questions to ask.

I wonder if anyone would read my story, would they read yours?


About Chett Garcia

I live in Philadelphia with my wife and son. I connect people and try to constantly grow and improve in everything I do. I am currently on a new path and working to find my voice there!
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